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Premarital Counseling facilitates the exploration of those important issues to prepare a couple for marriage. Many who come to me are alarmed by grim statics of predicting a 50% failure rate to marriage or that have witnessed first-hand the pain and trauma of their parent’s failed marriage. They are afraid of repeating the same patterns of their parents. However, the good news is, research shows that you can increase your odds of success by preparing for it and learning healthy patterns during the first year of marriage. You can be the transitional generation that breaks that cycle by preparing for your marriage. I also use the PREPARE/ENRICH tool, a customized couple assessment technique to help identify the couple’s strength and growth areas. 

Goals of premarital counseling often include, but are not limited to, learning your couple style, how to appreciate differences, attachment styles, how to communicate effectively, how to resolve conflicts around sex, money, career, and dealing with in-laws and extended family. My goal is that you will come away having learned how to create a safe and secure functiioning so that you can have a lasting affection and connection in your marriage. I no longer accept insurance for couple therapy. My couple therapy sessions are 80 minutes, much longer than the insurance standard sessions of 45-50 minutes. Insurances will not authorize it, thus a portion of the time will be contracted out and paid out of pocket.