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Speaking on "Healing is a Choice" Saturday July 26th!

Cellar Christian Ministries Fellowship Church has asked me to speak on Healing from a Mental Health Perpsective. If you have been trying on your own to work out your struggles with healing in mental health, an addiction, or a relationship, and have been feeling stuck, come and hear how you can go further in your quest for healthing. For more information and registration call (510) 428-1013.  Do not email me as I may not have the info you need on the event.


Valentine's Day Gift

Give a Valentine's Day gift that says, "I love you and I know you." Please click the link to read.


Happy New Year!

Are you resolving to stay in better physical health? What about your relationship? What will you resolve to do differently to enhance your relationship with your signifcant other? Read Food for a Lasting Relationship


New Resources

I have a new tab for FAQS that will help you with questions that you might have when seeking therapy.

I also have under the Resources tabe some self-assessments that you might be interested in. I hope they will be helpful to you.


Valentine's Day Tip

So sorry, last month things got so busy, I thought I had posted this Valentine's Day Tip, but I had only done it on Merchant Circle, but this can be applied in your relationship throughout the year.

Valentine's Day can be a happy day for those receiving the loving gestures on Valentine's Day, but it can also be a stressful day for those attempting to make loving gestures in a special way to bring out a smile from your loved ones. For those of us who are trying to think of a loving gesture, we often think of gifts only, but that isn't the only way. Think of doing something that will make the love you communicate go full circle. How does one do that? Think about all those things you are grateful for about that person.

This person doesn't have to be in a romantic relationship with you. It could be your Mom, Dad, children, or friend. Maybe you haven't been very communicative about their loving gestures toward you. Valentine's Day is a day of reflection on your relationships, on how they have made you feel special. Communicating how important they are important to you makes them feel good! We all like to know that we matter and make a difference in the other person's life, otherwise, we feel we are not needed in the relationship.

I often challenge my clients with the question, "How and when is love communicated?" Love is communicated when the receiver, receives the loving gesture with gratitude. You see, when the receiver is not grateful, then love was not communicated. No matter how much effort and heart was put in it, that loving gesture was done in vain.

It is so important to show gratitude when a loving gesture is made toward you.  So on this Valentine's day, show gratitude for your significant others' loving gestures toward you, coupled with your loving gestures toward them, you will have a higher success rate in communicating love on this Valentines Day. When you do both of those things love has gone full circle. Good Luck!