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Should I go get counseling?

Going to see a therapist is just going to talk to a professional who will be objective and help you see how your current thoughts and behaviors might be keeping you stuck. Although I am a trained Bowen Family Systems Therapist, I find myself drawing principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) framework to help my clients. My clients find that CBT is easy to use in resolving their problems. CBT in Mey's terms is learning how one's thinking affects one's  emotions and therefore determine one's behavior and then learning how you can change your thoughts so that you can change your emotional state and behavior. Our thinking changes our attitude and it can change our reality. Talking to a therapist can help you change yours. I have never posted something I've seen on social media, but the below post explains how our thoughts affect us. Read to the bottom and then from the bottom back up. Enjoy!


Anxiety Group Workshop

Are you or your loved one suffering from Anxiety and panic attacks? Then this group will be very helpful. Learn those skills that I provide for my clients in private practice at a discounted price!




Am I Harming My Child?

Do you have agreements with your chidlren and they fail to follow through? What do you do? Should you follow through with the agreed upon negative consequences for their behavior? Should you be the mean parent your child calls you or spare them from the consequences and make them happy? Click on Am I harming My Child and find out why letting your child experience negative consequences and feelings may be good for them.


Parent-Child Madness 

Being a parent has its ups and downs at each developmental stage. But all parents would agree that adolescence is the most challenging stage. Kids think parents have all the power, but parents admittedly feel pretty powerless at times. Click on Parent-Child Madness to find out what one mother had to do to get her teenagers to school and keep her sanity.


Happy Valentine's Day 2015

Do you often find your spouse (or mate, partner or fiance) unhappy with your expression of love? If so find out how to express your love in a new way on my Valentine's Day 2015 tip