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Are you a teen and having a very difficult communicating with your parents? Or are you a parent at a loss when it comes to getting your teen to listen to you? Parents often send their children to therapy or they get therapy for themselves to learn how to be a better parent but the problem is not one sided. There is a time for individual therapy for parents and for teens, but when the problem is in their relationship, it is best to do family therapy. What I find is that family therapy with Mom and Dad together with the child/teen is much more effective. Family Counseling focuses on helping the family adapt to new ways of living or being together. Family structure, rules, and roles change as individuals grow, mature, and eventually move out. The family has to adapt as the single young adult leave home, or a new couple joins their families through marriage or through living together, and when the couple has young children or an adolescent in the home. When a family comes to therapy, something isn’t working and they need help figuring out what to do. Typically, family problems are variations of the need to change in roles, need for new rules, or an adjustment in relationship. The task of family therapy is to determine what changes or adjustments the members need to make and to support them through these changes and teaching them skills to create a safe and secure environment to discuss and resolve their problems.

Whether you are going through divorce and need help with co-parenting, or justing looking to enhance your relationship with your child, family therapy will help improved communication, understanding, and thus create safety and security in your family. I no longer accept insurance for family therapy. My family therapy sessions are 80 minutes, much longer than the insurance standard sessions of 45-50 minutes. Insurances will not authorize it, thus a portion of the time will be contracted out and paid out of pocket.